About Us

BeeGees or BGUFC – Club Colours: Green, White & Black

The Beerwah-Glasshouse United Soccer Club was founded in 1968 and has operated continuously from that time.
It had a name change in 2006 to Beerwah-Glasshouse United Football Club to better reflect the truly global appeal of our sport.
The club was originally created to provide a winter sport for the local residents and to provide an opportunity for the young kids of the area to develop their social skills by being involved in a team sport.


provides team sport activities to over 500 senior and junior club members.
The club promotes physical activity and social inclusion to people of all ages and gender in the Beerwah – Glasshouse and surrounding hinterland Sunshine Coast region.


Email Address: president@beegeesunitedfc.com.au

Field Address: 902 Steve Irwin Way Glasshouse Mountains

Clubhouse Phone: 07 5493 0055 (unattended except on training and game days).

Kevin LeamanPresidentkleaman@torquetoyota.com.au0447 881 134
Mick SticklenVice PresidentMicheal.sticklen@hotmail.com0430 039 196
Amanda MilburnSecretaryamilb7@eq.edu.au0427 720 767
Nathan CobbTreasurernathan@cobbproperty.com.au0405 135 489
Tracy McMullinRegistrarTracy.mcmullin67@bigpond.com0419 729 146
Stuart McIntoshAdvertising/MediaStuart.mcintosh@tam.com.au0448 619 912
Michael TopferSponsors/GroundsTopfruit01@outlook.com0439 207 492
Daniel CarewDOC SeniorsDanielcarew@hotmail.com0414 470 228
Shaun DecourcyDOC Juniorssdecourcy@bigpond.com0448 245 207
Nathan CobbDOC Mini Roosnathan@cobbproperty.com.au0405 135 489
Tim RossCommittee 1Tim.Sam.Ross@gmail.com0432 018 718
Blair JoseyCommittee 2Josey_Blair@hotmail.com0417 752 697
Mick JonesCommittee 3beerwahjones@gmail.com0405 717 446
  • Email:president@beegeesunitedfc.com.au