50th Anniversary   Beerwah Glasshouse Football Club has just recently celebrated its 50th anniversary in July 2018 being one of the 4 foundation members of the Sunshine Coast Football Association.
The committee of the Beerwah Glasshouse United Football Club sincerely thanked everyone involved in making the Anniversary such a huge success as did all the former players and members.
As our Football Club celebrated its 50th Anniversary we shined the spotlight on our great players of the past.
What a great occasion to see the clubs original members and founding players return to the club where they in the past put in so much hard work and training, celebrated so much glory but also shedding some tears along the way.
Nothing is easy, and we all know how hard it is to win, but with a total of 15 Grand Final Victories and 13 Premierships over the years, and 7 of them in succession 1987 to 1993 (see history PDF) no other club has come close to their success.
Little did these once young players themselves realise what they were creating or did they? They obviously believed that better tomorrows come from hard work to day, which was quite an achievement at the time. Times were also a lot tougher back then. From its humble beginnings in 1968 with just one team and a few years later 2 teams, another year later 3 and so it went on the “BeeGees” Football club now boasts 16 Mini Roos teams (6–11yrs) along with 12 junior teams (12-17yrs) and 8 Senior teams both men’s and women’s all in the SSCF competitions and with over 500 club members.
What a fantastic achievement this has been. Lets all hope that our children will be still around to celebrate the 100 years anniversary when we no longer can.